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Covid-19 Times

The new norm is mask wearing , give me 6 feet and fear of having the newest virus that has been deemed a pandemic. It has affected our regular lives and the salon / barbershop atmosphere. We now have separators ,air purifiers, thermometers and masks...never would any of us have predicted that this would be todays world. Part of being licensed by the state of California , we have been trained to sanitize and maintain our spaces against HIV , Strep , HPV and Flu virus just to name a few.

This new virus is just as deadly and serious as the others listed ..its just that it is new and unknown that makes it more scary than the others right now. We feel like its the beast that we can see therefore we don't know where to strike. Just know that whatever guidelines are put out, we are strictly following them .We want to be safe for you as well as our own families.

We are currently closed , but we have products to help you maintain while we are away from each other . And we look forward to servicing you , when times are better !! In the meantime stay home and if out wear a 3 ply mask and a fabric mask cover.

Cheers to the New Year!

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