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Happy 4th of July

As the sun seems hotter with each day - we celebrate the heat missed all winter long with a little bit of regret. Welcome to summer!

We have transitions happening at our salon/ barbershop as we welcome another nail tech Taylair congratulate our former barber Ramee on his new business venture. One thing that always is going to happen is change. We embrace it and move forward with whatever is for us. We are humbled to have Ramee be a part of our Blended Styles family all these years. We are excited for Taylair to be apart of the team with our in house nail tech Alonna leading the way.

AlsoWe have new products & events coming soon! We welcome you to sign up for our newsletter to get exclusive access to all things new & upcoming.

We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment!

Healthy hair always,

Team Blended Styles

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