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"Looking for a Discount on Your Next Appointment? Check Out Our Half-Price Offer!"

How are you liking the Ebook?

  • I Love it!

  • I am learning so much, I appreciate having it.

  • I want more!

  • I'm not liking it.

We are so excited to share this first edition in a series of healthy curly crowns.

Tiff ( our in house curly stylist) is thinking of doing a audiobook for those that may be better at learning auditory. If that's you- let us know, we would be happy to accommodate. If you haven't purchased your copy yet, what are you waiting for ?? It makes a great gift for those who don't know where to start on their curly journey, have a child with curly hair or just tired of the YouTube being their guide.

Helping someone understand how to take care of their curls gives them back time on wash day and time in the mornings when they are frustrated trying to get somewhere is a priceless gift.


Want to receive a discount on future services with Tiff ??? Here's your chance !!

Leave a review of our new eBook on social media(IG or FB only) and tag @Blendedstylesca for your chance at a half price appointment session!!

Get your copy on our shop page today!!

We love our clients - Happy Valentines Day to you!

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