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Black History

As this month of Black History comes to a close, I want to acknowledge we are a black owned business and very proud of the heritage that we all come from. We are mothers and fathers, sons and daughters of this generation of new African American history makers.

With the ownership of the salon and barbershop, we feel a part of the history. We strive to create a new healthy environment for our clients. To get away from the stereotype of being held hostage in the salon/barbershop to have a great hair outcome. To enjoy your time in our businesses without profanity, inappropriate music being played or anything that isn't adding to your positive experience.

We encourage you to support our business as well as other black owned businesses, to be a part of this new chapter we are creating together. It's your word of mouth, reposting and support that will continue to allow us to maintain what we have created. We survived a shutdown and actively making it through a pandemic, history in itself!

We are thankful to God for everything and take nothing for granted. May you stay safe and honor this last day of Black History in your own way.

Healthy hair always,

Blended Family

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