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Healthy Hair For You!

I have spend 20 years learning and relearning everything I can about hair. It is truly a passion of mines and I love it. I take on a new portion of hair every 6 months and try to master it to the best of my ability. Right now I am focusing on natural textured hair . Meaning wavy, curly and coily hair . I am dissecting products and ingredients to figure out what works best for each texture. I am taking classes and reading books and also trying a few new things myself.

One thing that I strongly am against and have always been is the number and letter classification of hair curl types. Simply because so much more matters to achieve your deserved look other than just the texture of your hair! Whether its tight curly or loose wavy ... you still need to take into consideration the thickness (density) , the hydration level , how often you shampoo, how often you work out and what type of water are you shampooing with. Makes sense right ?! I offer free consultations to prepare for your hair by asking all of the necessary questions to create a unique plan for your hair .Or book a consultation with your curl guru in your area . It’s necessary and very helpful to the stylist as well as the client.

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